Organizing a garage can sometimes be an impossible process. Some people may have stuff in their garage that they never knew existed. It is a good idea to organize your garage so you can have more space and so you know where everything is. There are few things you can easily do yourself that will help make your garage a little more organized.

  1. Turn a file cabinet into storage
  2. Store sports balls using bungee cords
  3. Separate your garage into zones
  4. Install Slatwall panels
  5. Get things off the ground
  6. Store your wheelbarrow on the wall
  7. Turn an old metal rake into garden hooks
  8. Organize your screws
  9. Use old furniture you might not traditionally keep in a garage
  10. Hide clutter in easy-to-access bins
  11. Build a bike rack
  12. Build a tool rack

To learn more about organizing your garage, click here.

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